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The World AIDS Campaign (WAC) has been engaged in Ethiopia since 2009.

A consultation visit was undertaken in July 2009, in which WAC’s Global Programme Manager and Africa Programme Regional Coordinator met with the civil society umbrella body Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) and the Networks of People Living with HIV. An additional ten other organisations and agencies were also engaged in meetings and lengthy discussions; they included HAPCO (the National AIDS Council), UNAIDS Country Office, and PANOS. PANOS, which coordinated the visit for WAC, focussed on an understanding of the Ethiopian HIV epidemic, the place of civil society and how best to organise work in the Ethiopian environment.

Programme Partners

Mission and Vision

  • An inclusive and diverse PLHIV movement-centered, civil society-led structure that is sustainable;
  • A structure which thinks and acts strategically to achieve Universal Access through campaigning, advocacy and lobbying; and
  • A structure, which is realistic about the need to act with others regionally and globally in addressing the barriers to achieving Universal Access.


Advocating for the implementation of the new PMTCT WHO guidelines and campaigning around sexual reproductive and health rights.

Planning a Campaign, Advocacy and Lobbying workshop to review and strengthen the current advocacy plan and establish the platform.


The impact of the NGO Law has been an ever-present factor, both through the meetings in that initial visit, on to the preparations for the national campaigners meeting and beyond. For example, once WAC had identified that CCRDA was the most appropriate in-country partner agency, it took about four months for that agency to navigate its way to host the national meeting without risking a negative government reaction. Finally in February 2010 we were able to hold a national meeting of HIV campaigners, which attracted 85 representatives from a wide range of the regions of Ethiopia. The objectives of the meeting were to assess the national response to HIV, to explore effective campaigning and advocacy strategies and to determine the extent to which HIV services are reaching those who need them most.

WAC also explored some of the skills gaps of the key agencies. A notable element of the meeting was civil society caution at adopting campaign strategies that could potentially bring them into direct contact with, yet alone conflict with, Parliament or Government. The Civil Society platform agreed to work on Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission, which will include public education and dissemination of information targeting local clinics. They also identified that there are very few people accessing treatment, and they would therefore work on Treatment literacy training with support from UNAIDS.


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Contact: Wubayehu Guangule

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Ethiopian Campaign Platform

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